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The Paper Bag Revolution in Kenya

The expanding horizon of the paper bag market in Eastern African cities is the spin off from the strict advances made in environmental-related policies including the ban on plastic bags.

For example, the wing of Rwandan police named as Environmental Protection Unit plays a proactive role in implementing government policy on environmental protection.

The action of many states in invoking a complete ban on non-biodegradable plastic shopping bags have spawned the congenial market conditions for expanding paper bag market as has been evidenced in the Paperbags Tanzania market.

The achievements in stopping the contagious spread of and efforts in tackling waste have been well appreciated.

Starting with the ban on non-biodegradable polythene papers in 2008, Rwanda made rapid advances in environmental causes.

Introducing eco-friendly paper bags for wholesale markets has been revolutionary. The flour bags Nairobi brought refreshing changes in the Kenyan markets.

As a leading full service manufacturer of quality paper bags and sacks, Paperbags Ltd in Kenya has been proud of a legacy of 50 years. The Khetshi Chandaria Paperbags operate on strong principles that advocate “the customer is king”.

The paper bag manufacturer has products that are ahead of time and maintains high quality standards in manufacturing processes to benchmark against the best international markets.

The paper bags maker has tapped  the environment protection initiative in states for sustainable development including suitable changes in the retail sector.

Kenyan authorities are expanding environmental awareness in terms of environmental education, interpretation of environmental laws engaging public in environmental awareness processes.

Internationally too, the campaign to boost paper bags usage is showing results. According to the Progressive Bag Alliance 5 billion paper bags are used every year in the US as against 92 billion plastic bags.

It said using plastic bags is a social crime as it takes centuries to dissolve in nature. But paper decomposes faster with plastic bags facing degradation only from UV rays forcing the earth’s exhaust of 12 million barrels of oil.