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The Top Environmental Benefits of Using Paper Bags

The manufacture of paper bags started in 1852. Paperbags, especially paper grocery bags with handles began being manufactured to cater to the grocery shopping experience effectively. Paper bags are made of highly durable material unlike their plastic counterparts and can be used several times as a tote but this is not all. Paper bags were especially designed to help restore the environment since plastic (polythene) bags are toxic and severely pollute the environment. So, let’s take a look at how paper bags serve as eco-friendly!

Environmental benefits

An estimated 5 billion paper bags are used each year in the US as compared to 92 billion plastic bags. Even though both plastic and paper have their impact on the environment, the paper’s impact is much lesser than that of plastic. Here’s how

Paper has the ability to decompose much faster than plastic. In fact, plastic has been found to not be biodegrade at all. Moreover, 12 million barrels of oil are used to produce plastic bags in the US alone. This is not the case with paper bags. So, using more paper bags will help reduce the depletion of natural non-renewable resources such as oil considerably.

Protection of marine life

Plastic litter kills thousands of marine animals each year. This has led to the extinction of several species. Unlike plastic bags which are known to kill aquatic life due to dumping in water bodies, paper bags when mixed with compost helps in killing weeds which in-turn keeps the soil fertile. Therefore, encouraging the practice of using and reusing paper bags directly has a positive impact on marine life.


Paper bags are readily available in the form of recycled paper bags wholesale in the market at economical rates. These recycled paper bags are a combination of recycled paper or fiber and normal paper. A minimum of 35% recycled material is used in the manufacture of such bags, but currently companies use a much higher percentage which is much better. After being discarded, they can be recycled all over again. So, using paper bags will help prevent further irreversible damage being caused to the environment.