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The Top Environmental Benefits of Using Paper Bags

The manufacture of paper bags started in 1852. Paperbags, especially paper grocery bags with handles began being manufactured to cater to the grocery shopping experience effectively. Paper bags are made of highly durable material unlike their plastic counterparts and can be used several times as a tote but this is not all. Paper bags were especially designed to help restore the environment since plastic (polythene) bags are toxic and severely pollute the environment. So, let’s take a look at how paper bags serve as eco-friendly!

Environmental benefits

An estimated 5 billion paper bags are used each year in the US as compared to 92 billion plastic bags. Even though both plastic and paper have their impact on the environment, the paper’s impact is much lesser than that of plastic. Here’s how

Paper has the ability to decompose much faster than plastic. In fact, plastic has been found to not be biodegrade at all. Moreover, 12 million barrels of oil are used to produce plastic bags in the US alone. This is not the case with paper bags. So, using more paper bags will help reduce the depletion of natural non-renewable resources such as oil considerably.

Protection of marine life

Plastic litter kills thousands of marine animals each year. This has led to the extinction of several species. Unlike plastic bags which are known to kill aquatic life due to dumping in water bodies, paper bags when mixed with compost helps in killing weeds which in-turn keeps the soil fertile. Therefore, encouraging the practice of using and reusing paper bags directly has a positive impact on marine life.


Paper bags are readily available in the form of recycled paper bags wholesale in the market at economical rates. These recycled paper bags are a combination of recycled paper or fiber and normal paper. A minimum of 35% recycled material is used in the manufacture of such bags, but currently companies use a much higher percentage which is much better. After being discarded, they can be recycled all over again. So, using paper bags will help prevent further irreversible damage being caused to the environment.


How Firms Manufacturing Paper Bags and Sheets are Grabbing the Market?

We know that the world where we live today are no more as clean and fresh as it was a couple of decades ago. Human activities and scientific advancements have reduced the quality of the environment that we live in by causing pollutions for air, water, soil, etc.

However, over these recent years, there has been a change in the trend of the people as they have started ways to curb the problem. For an instance, we know that over these years, the usage of plastic bags have reduced drastically with the advent of paper bags.

Many countries like Kenya have started encouraging mainstream companies to switch to paper bags instead of plastic bags. This step has led to the growth of a variety of businesses that specialize in manufacturing paper bags and sheets for a variety of purpose.

Items like Paper Gum Tape Nairobi have gained wide popularity among the people of Kenya. These gum tapes are environment-friendly and serve as an alternative to quintessential plastic adhesives for packaging boxes.

These gum tapes are being used at bulk by firms who do not want to use synthetic adhesives for packaging their products and, therefore, want to go completely environment-friendly.

These tapes are considered one of the best in the plastic tape market and are being sold at reasonable prices.

Besides that, regarding paper coin bags Kenya is known to manufacture some of the most diverse and durable coin bags available. These coin bags are produced exclusively for the banking sector and financial firms and come in varying sizes according to the requirements. These bags are made of brown paper. Banks that wish to go completely environment free often switch to such products.

Therefore, we can see that with the advent of these paper bag companies, plastic has been replaced by paper bags, sheets, and tapes in almost every possible sector. This has been possible mainly due to the support of the customers as they have taken a step forward in reducing the usage of plastics.

We can, therefore, conclude that over these recent years, there has been an unprecedented growth in the usage of plastic bags. Therefore, companies manufacturing these bags have subsequently grown to a great extent.

Why to Use Recycled Paper Bags to Carry Things

It is very easy to recycle paper bags and keep environment clean. The high quality material has made it possible to carry heaving and light things easily with such bags. It is best to carry food items in it.

People are getting friendly with an environment and so the paper bag was introduced which is very compatible with the environment. The paper bag companies sin Kenya are working hard to eradicate all another type of plastic and other bags that are used to carry things. To increase use of paper bag there are different material used in making it and also high-quality material make it possible to carry anything. The main aim of a company is to make the environment safe and so these types of paper bags are environment-friendly. The industry is mainly working for people and so makes sure that on client request paper bag can be made available in different size. Thus, these paper bags are available in some fixed size and shape while on request special bags can also be manufactured.

There are different types of bags available for different purposes and all are made with various unique procedures. The durability of a bag is dependent on the type of things that will be carried in it. The most strong and high-quality bag is flour bags Kenya. These types of bags are approved by flour mills and thus used by them on the large scale. It is used to carry flour and so is designed according to it. The high-quality material used to make such paper bag can help to carry any type of flour. The type of paper used to make it is dependent on quantity. It is mainly available to carry 1 or 2 kg flour and are available in both white and brown color.

The paper industry established in Kenya are not only using best paper bags but make sure that disposing of it will not have any adverse effect on the environment. These industries just get the high quality raw material from a market and rest all processing is done by experts and high equipped machines. The most popular is brown bags Kenya that is used to carry normal grocery items in it. Brown bags are not only used for carrying grocery but also used to carry eatable things like sandwiches. It is not only environment-friendly but also cost effective as it is reusable. Thus, paper bags are best when its benefits are considered.