Source Airline Sickness Bag and Paper bags from Uganda

As environmental awareness increases, the demand for paper bags is up. Take the case of sickness bag, also known as sick sack, airsick bag and in other names, they are bags provided to air passengers know on board airplanes. These airline sickness bags are used in collecting vomit and are meant to assist pregnant women and others with motion sickness.

Plastic-lined airsickness bags were invented by Gilmore Schjeldahl of Northwest Orient Airlines, way back in 1949. In recent time, Virgin Atlantic led a display of limited edition bags in collaboration with designer Oz Dean. His online gallery “Design for Chunks” really challenged designers to show their creativity in the dull medium of the sick bag, moving away from t-shirts or splash pages.

As for paper bags Uganda, international entrepreneur Andrew Mupuya must be thanked for making it globally known. Uganda has several dedicated paper bag manufacturers. But Mapuya stands out with his zeal for paper bag business at the age of 16. The rest is history.

In 2008, Uganda government proposed a ban on polythene plastic bags and unveiled great opportunities for businesses.
His “Yeli” brand paper bags are famous everywhere. Uganda has some of the most durable suppliers with great delivery times. The market is expanding with sentiments against plastic bags becoming pervasive. From classy French label APC to Nike, brown paper bags are the hit favorites. They are not trashy like plastic.

One frequently highlighted merit of paper bags is reusability. Use of paper bag is soaring and people are becoming environmentally aware and hastening a greener future.

Made from recycled paper, paper bags are showing promise for a positive future. Bags are beneficial for human beings as they protect environment from ill elements.

Brown paper is used in a multitude of contexts as in wrapping sandwich carriers, take-away carriers, grocery shopping. They are made in a number of sizes and shapes.

Certainly, they have emerged as a wise choice for the people as cheap rates allow bulk purchase. For retailers, it is a great opportunity for promotion. Customers are eager to know what the brand is all about.

Within the paper bags industry, there is the rush for high product quality by top producers. Many companies are discovering its user-friendliness and opportunity for promotional merchandise. It allows printing of company name, logo, website and contact details for great promotions. These environment friendly bags are made from thin paper and can be easily recycled. So, thank Uganda for making these great alternatives to plastic bags.



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